I didn’t even spend a week in Addis Ababa but I’m impressed with what I experienced and saw especially for someone who has less respect for that “nation wrecker” called multi-party democracy. A simple word to describe Ethiopians is unique. They’re unique. They have only one Telecom Company whose mandate is to ensure that all […]

I’m back from a long break from blogging to hopefully a renewed commitment to this hobby I love so much. Some other “important” things did occupy my focus but I’m back and I believe this renewed commitment will result in several steps forward and no step back. I am back, with a domain for my […]

Hello my name is Money. Yeah that’s right, I have been around for a long time. You complain about me, then, you say: “ I’m not in the system”, really? Why should I be in your system, your house, your bank account when you fight over me and try to acquire me by illegal means?  […]

Nigerian’s Mark Zuckerberg, Africa’s Bill Gates, “Africa’s this”, “Africa’s that”.  When is this patronization of the African going to stop? I am this, and not that of Africa or Ghana or whatever village I come from. I think it  is wrong to measure our achievements on some arbitrary scale to make us feel good. I would […]

I sat beside one beautiful lady on a flight from Accra to Kumasi and as a practice I tend to engage whoever is sitting next to me since in Ghana everyone that boards a flight is actually somebody in his/her  own small way. This lady was visiting her mum and child in Kumasi for a […]

Church activities for January

Can you imagine a faithful Christian or church-goer who has been taken in by the scheme of taking from the gullible, vulnerable all in the name of Jesus Christ? A quick instance, a church getting to the end of the year and cramming a whole host of activities within the time frame. In the first place, […]

Consequences of road potholes on innocent lives

And we call ourselves a religious nation. In fact, I wish to emphasize the fact that we are only worthy to be called religious and far from godly. This post is a compilation of just a few stories I have heard or situations I have experienced in which I put the major blame on the […]